Can You Top This?

There are a lot of things I love about Miami, but real estate is really on top of the list. Real estate developers in the sunshine state go out of their way to build some of the most dramatic high rises in the country. They are very high tech.

I have seen condos with built-in exercise equipment, spas on balconies, air conditioned storage units, massage rooms, and over-sized wine storage. One building is better than the other.

Now I just heard that the Paramount Miami Worldcenter, being built in the downtown area, is going to feature a 5,000 square foot sky port on top of a 60-story tower for passenger drones or flying cars.

Now that is awesome. You have to watch the video to see the future in high-rise living. It’s a thrill to see a sky lobby and a dedicated glass-enclosed elevator.

Doesn’t everyone live like this?



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