“Influencers” Get The Biggest Salaries

Eiffel Tower With Dancing Lights

We are in Paris till Tuesday. I’m writing you on the last night of our Riverboat Cruise. It was an amazing week.

Now, for the topic of the day: “Influencers.”

The world has changed dramatically since we applied for jobs. Today, recruiters in the fields of entertainment, journalism, sports, modeling, art, real estate, philanthropy, and tech (and more) no longer just focus on education and experience. They want to know how many followers you have on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook.

The job seekers with the most social media “influences” could get the best jobs because they offer a built-in audience. Many job categories today are trying to reach larger audiences. If a candidate, with a million followers, applies for a job, he or she will likely get the position over everyone else. Companies want “influencers.”

It’s worth a lot of money to brands. One tweet from an “influencer” is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in advertising.

Recruiters are using social media to scout fresh talent.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who has 106 million Instagram followers— is earning $1 million to promote his 2020 movie “Red Notice” on his social-media accounts. That’s in addition to the $20 million Universal Pictures is paying him to star in the movie.

The next time I hear a senior person say that social media is a waste of time, I will remind him or her, that there is some very serious money to be made online.

Back to the Riverboat……

Here are friends we made. I promised no names. They are not “influencers” and they want to stay that way.

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