Do You Think Watching TV Is A Waste Of Time?

No one really believes me when I tell them how many hours per week Eliot and I watch TV. To the outside world, it seems like we are out every night going to restaurants, plays, art exhibits, the movies and parties. It’s true that we go out a lot, but there are times when we stay home, days at a time, and binge on Amazon or Netflix programs.

We readily admit that the nights we binge on our favorite programs, are sometimes more fun than going out. The time we spend in front of the TV increases every month. We are tired after a whole day of working, or doing chores, and all we want to do is “do nothing.” There are times when Eliot decides to work on his photographs, and I write DigiDame, while watching TV. Nevertheless, we are still watching a few hours of TV at night.

I’m not sure if the following article in the Fast Company is talking directly to us, or to the person who never goes out. I don’t think it matters. It’s something to think about.

You tell me what you think.

“How to stop wasting your life watching TV and do something worthwhile with your downtime.”

Click here.

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