Fendi Will Never Live This Down

Thanks to the Internet, more and more people are now familiar with Fendi’s new Fall sweater line. It all started so innocently. The luxury fashion house posted a new shawl on its website that retails for nearly $1,000.

Twitter users went wild. Thousands of posts on Twitter and Fendi’s website declared that the sweater looked like a vagina. I’m sure that took the Italian designer by surprise. It shouldn’t have. One look at the sweater and your mind goes right below the waist.

Fendi described the sweater as a “signature shawl in a soft blend of… silk and wool. The jacquard work recreates the iconic tone-on-tone FF logo. Embellished with a fox fur corner.”

The pink version of the shawl is the talk of the Internet. The other colors, red and blue, didn’t cause such a stir. The pink version is no longer available on Fendi’s website.

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