This Is A Test

The October issue of Town & Country had several very interesting articles. I wanted to share them with you because I was so proud that a woman’s publication was still capable of publishing stories that were worth reading. Many of its competitors are losing steam.

I am able to read 50 or more magazine a month because I subscribe to the Texture app for $20 a month. I don’t miss a beat keeping up with the editorials. I hope my method for sharing stories works. I take a picture of each magazine page on my iPad, and then save it to my camera roll. I then post the magazine photos in my camera roll to my blog. Let me know if you can read the Ralph Lauren story. You should be able to enlarge it on the device of your choice.


3 thoughts on “This Is A Test

  1. Great article! Talk about a good-looking family.
    Your system seemed to work about 90% of the time. There were some hiccups with some of the pictures and in one place you may have lost a paragraph but your system works well. I was able to fill the screen on my iPhone.

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