Protect Your Social Media Posts

The following is a client of HWH PR. We issued this press release today. I have several backups to give away. Let me know if you’re interested.

Introducing YourCopy™

Secure Backup for your Social Media Accounts


Copy and protect every one of your photos, videos and social media posts



Orange Park, FL – Hyperlync Technologies, a global leader in digital content security solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of YourCopy™ – an innovative, web-based platform for users to securely back up all content they keep in their personal social network accounts.


Revelations of compromised data security on popular social media services have left consumers scrambling to find a solution for archiving and accessing years’ worth of content currently in their accounts. YourCopy™ provides an innovative solution by empowering users to make a secure copy of all their account photos, videos, posts and profile info.


The YourCopy™ service is completely secure and web-based, backing up social media content server-to-server. Fully supported on any desktop or mobile web browser, YourCopy™ ensures that you can create and access a secure copy of your personal content from literally anywhere, at any time.


With a YourCopy™ account, you create independent, secure online storage for your personal content that only you can control. The social media content that you back up to YourCopy™ is always accessible to you for viewing, searching and downloading, even if the source social network account is ever compromised or deleted. And YourCopy™ never makes any modifications to the existing, source social network account.


In addition to backing up your social media content, YourCopy™ enables you to conveniently view and access everything online with views for every backed-up account and content type. Finding a specific picture or post is easy with facial recognition & text search. Specific media can be added to “Collections” for quick access from within the YourCopy™ account. All personal content stored in YourCopy™ can be viewed, played, downloaded, exported and shared from a single location.


YourCopy™ is the solution that finally gives you full control of all your personal digital content kept in your social media accounts.


YourCopy™ will launch with support for Facebook and will add support for additional social media services soon.


YourCopy™ provides a full backup of your online social media presence for only $0.99 a month or $9.99 a year, including a 30-day free trial.


For more information, please visit


About Hyperlync:

Hyperlync Technologies is a global leader in digital content security. Founded by a team of seasoned industry veterans, Hyperlync specializes in building technology for accessing, managing, copying, consuming and protecting consumer digital content from any device or online source. There are well over 10 million copies of Hyperlync’s products currently in use by consumers worldwide. For more information please visit

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