My Digital Life

I was up very late last night trying to post this video of the very famous Artist and Film Director Julian Schnabel, talking about his new Vincent Van Gogh movie. I did a blog post about this subject yesterday, but I couldn’t get the video uploaded. I had trouble finding the YouTube icon on my camera roll.

My daughter Whitney came to my rescue today by reminding me that I could upload the video through the YouTube app. It never even occurred to me to try that. Even though I work in the tech business, I am often technically challenged.

I’m thrilled to be able to deliver this video to you because I recorded it yesterday after we watched Schnabel’s movie, At Eternity’s Gate, an art movie theater in Coral Gables. Schnabel did the Skype interview from Sweden, 3am, his time. That’s what I call passion for a project. He looked so tired, but he gave us a lot of insight into Van Gogh and Willem Defoe, who portrayed him.

Enjoy this exclusive interview.

A special shoutout to Whitney. Thank you, thank you, for making my digital life so much better.

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