My Digital Life

I was up very late last night trying to post this video of the very famous Artist and Film Director Julian Schnabel, talking about his new Vincent Van Gogh movie. I did a blog post about this subject yesterday, but I couldn’t get the video uploaded. I had trouble finding the YouTube icon on my camera roll.

My daughter Whitney came to my rescue today by reminding me that I could upload the video through the YouTube app. It never even occurred to me to try that. Even though I work in the tech business, I am often technically challenged.

I’m thrilled to be able to deliver this video to you because I recorded it yesterday after we watched Schnabel’s movie, At Eternity’s Gate, an art movie theater in Coral Gables. Schnabel did the Skype interview from Sweden, 3am, his time. That’s what I call passion for a project. He looked so tired, but he gave us a lot of insight into Van Gogh and Willem Defoe, who portrayed him.

Enjoy this exclusive interview.

A special shoutout to Whitney. Thank you, thank you, for making my digital life so much better.

Artist And Film Director Julian Schnabel Reveals Creative Tidbits About His New Vincent Van Gogh Flick

The last thing I wanted to do tonight was see another movie about artist Vincent Van Gogh. We ventured out anyway to our favorite movie house, the Coral Gables Art Cinema, because they secured a Skype interview with the movie’s director. Julian Schnabel called into the theater from Sweden after we viewed At Eternity’s Gate.

It was so interesting to listen to artist Schnabel talk about artist Van Gogh. Schnabel gave his perspective on how an artist views his or her work. You are no longer just looking at a pretty picture . You are looking at how an artist views the world. The camera work was amazing too. Schnabel shot scenes from angles you are not used to seeing. The portrayal of Van Gogh by Willem Dafoe was surreal. Hollywood feels this is Defoe’s best role yet. Let’s see what happens during the movie awards.

A surprise dinner was waiting for all moviegoers.