Ethan Hawke on ‘True West

Addendum: We saw “True West” tonight. Miss it. Totally juvenile. The following was written hours before we saw the show.

Image: Variety


I have been in the tech world for ages, but it still amazes me that there is such a thing called a podcast that I can access at any time, on any subject. This became apparent to me when I noticed that Variety has a podcast called “Stagecraft,” available every Tuesday.

Coincidentally, Stagecraft recently interviewed Ethan Hawke because he is appearing on Broadway in the stage production of “True West.” Eliot and I are going to see it tonight.

It was very exciting to listen to the background of why Hawke wanted to do this play and what it truly means to him. It’s going to make a huge difference on how we are going to watch “True West” and realize what the actor is thinking as he says his lines.

Download and subscribe to “Stagecraft” on iTunes, Stitcher, or anywhere finer podcasts are dispensed. Find past episodes here and on Apple Podcasts.

This is the link to Variety

A Moment In life

I was mesmerized at @maccosmetics on Fifth Ave yesterday while I was buying up my favorite lipstick shade. I couldn’t get over how lovingly this husband was looking at his wife while she was having her makeup applied. He was thrilled for her. A moment in life.

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