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We finally hit the Wall of Fame at the Perez Art Museum Miami. Eliot and I are thrilled even though the opposite wall has a list of the big donors.

Touring the museum with friends Doug and Meg

The gal in the gift shop


Disrupting The Traditional Law Firm

The AXS offices

Bright colors provide positive attitude

The abstract look of Wynwood

I met Ben Wolkov on a recent trip to Mexico City. He is on the board of Fountainhead Residency, the art group Eliot and I belong to. Ben told me on the trip that his boutique law firm, AXS Law, was very progressive and cutting edge. For one thing, his offices are located in Wynwood, a warehouse district that is now filled with street art, art galleries, restaurants and small shops.

Secondly, while most of the attorneys at AXS Law came from big firms, they now love being a part of a modern business. No more formal, big wooden desks and piles and piles of paper files. The AXS firm is taking advantage of the digital age. Their offices are completely contemporary, glass walls, smaller desks, very little paper, community lounge areas, and rotating art work from Miami galleries.

Eliot and our friends, Gail and Dawn, and I went to an art reception at the AXS law offices last week. I snapped photos so you can see what law firms will look like in the future. Say goodbye to the stodgy, formal look that you are used to, and say hello to the world of minimalism and casual environments.

Don’t make any assumptions about the quality of the work. AXS believes their high energy decor and relaxed atmosphere, helps them win most of their cases.

Ben with Lois and Eliot


The partners of AXS Law believe in the importance of supporting and protecting the local Miami artistic community, its programs and events.

The firm is committed to ensuring that local artists receive access to dedicated legal advice and representation. In addition, through AXS Art, we partner with local artist and organize events to showcase the artists’ works.


The party

Gail and Dawn

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  1. Love you two getting your name on the Perez wall. Looking forward to seeing it in person. Haven’t yet been, but plan to visit.

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