It’s Been Two Weeks On Keto Diet

Eliot and I went on the Keto diet two weeks ago today. It’s been pretty easy till I saw this ice cream machine. My will power went out the window.

Thank goodness it won’t be introduced for a while. We both lost five/six pounds each. Eliot doesn’t have too much to lose. I will be on this program for many months to come. When I get to my goal, I better stay away from ice cream, my most favorite dessert. Ice cream is the cure all, as far as I am concerned. With that in mind, I want you all to know about the LG Electronics ice cream machine. Yummy.

LG Electronics, the giant consumer electronics company, really surprised show goers at SXSW, the annual conglomerate of film, interactive media, and music festivals and conferences that takes place in mid-March in Austin, Texas. LG showed up with a gadget that is going to make ice cream lovers very happy.

The company displayed a “concept machine” that will allow you to make ice cream at home. Called SnowWhite, the machine operates like a Keurig. It features a pod-based system that allows you to choose the base and flavor for a variety of frozen desserts.

I’m not sure when LG plans to bring the ice cream machine to market. I certainly know a lot of people who would love a unit like this because they would always have something to serve company. The good news is that SnowWhite can also make gelato, granita, sorbet, and yogurt.

I can’t wait to make ice cream.

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