Good To Know

Thank you Gary Arlen. I enjoyed receiving these from you, and now I am enjoying sharing them with others.

Traffic lights in Ukraine

This fountain allows the water to flow downwards to dogs can drink too.

An accessibility mat on the beach for strollers and wheelchairs.

This pill bottle lid tells you when it was last opened.

Seniors and handicapped people can extend cross time for this eight lane highway.

This restaurant has a toe opener for those who want to avoid germs on the doorknob.

This shopping cart has a calculator so you know how much you are spending.

This bar has a frost strip so you can keep your drink cold.

This tire tells you when it’s time to change it.

This mirror has a heated part so it doesn’t steam up after a shower.

These tiny model tents will give you a look at what you are buying.

This elevator shows how close to capacity it is based on the weight of the riders.

This inflatable mattress turns the back of your car into a bed.

Trash cans in Copenhagen are angled so cyclists can throw their trash while cycling.

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