What’s Old Is New Again

You are not going to believe this. A new company was just created to allow females of all ages to have their ears pierced at home. Louisa Schneider, the company’s founder, believes that the female population would rather have their ears pierced at home, by a licensed nurse, than in a store or a stand in a mall.


Louisa is not alone in her feelings. She was able to raise $4 million in seed funding for Rowan, her direct-to-consumer ear-piercing startup.

After much research, Louisa discovered that nurses, across the country, are very eager to free lance for Rowan. It helps them earn extra income. They get to keep the entire $95 house call fee.

Rowan earns its money from selling customers a monthly subscription box that has lots of perks. Every month customers receive a new pair of studs (sterling silver, gold vermeil, or 14K gold) along with other fun trinkets.

It’s going to be very interesting to see if this company prospers. Louisa has an amazing background. Let’s see if it pays off.

There is more to this story. Read it here.


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