Bloomberg’s Commitment To Israel

To all Jews who voted for Trump because of his so-called support for Israel, please watch this video. Mike Bloomberg’s support for Israel is much more dedicated, trustworthy, reliable, valuable, heartfelt, understanding and corruption free.

We had the great pleasure of attending the Mike Bloomberg 2020 rally today at the Aventura Turnbury Jewish Center. While the speech was directed at the Jewish Community, this is a much watch for all. This is what the President of the United States should look like.

Don’t tell me he doesn’t have a chance to win. Miracles do happen, and you are our miracle. Vote Mike. It’s up to you to spread the word, and build a decent life for your children, and grandchildren. We must make this work.

Bloomberg’s surprising speech on anti-Semitism, Israel and Iran – The Washington Post

“As president, I will always have Israel’s back. I will never impose conditions on our military aid, including missile defense no matter who is prime minister. …I will never walk away from our commitment to guarantee Israel’s  security.”

2 thoughts on “Bloomberg’s Commitment To Israel

  1. Thank you for the link to the actual speech by Michael Bloomberg. He is clearly the highest quality person running for President and this speech makes that very clear. I had read the Jennifer Rubin article in the Washington Post but hearing and seeing the speech just makes the point stronger. While I have my own doubts about Trump agreeing to a debate this Fall, you can only imagine how Bloomberg would do against our mentally deficient President.

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