Dangerous Behavior ?

I received an email yesterday from a Trump supporter who said “Trump is not all bad.” He was making reference to Trump’s immigrant wealth test cleared to start by the Supreme Court. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. I heard similar words from a Miami neighbor when I first moved into my luxury condo 18 years ago. “Hitler wasn’t all bad,” she said. I never spoke to her again and I literally get sick every time I see her in the lobby.

I don’t want to stay silent any longer. Why am I the only one who is upset by President Trump’s tweet? I was surprised that I haven’t seen more of an uproar about the Trump Tweet attacking Adam Schiff, a prime political opponent of Trump who is doing his job of defending the US Constitution and the Rule of Law.

Did Schiff get publicly threatened by the President of the United States? Do you feel this is exactly the type of behavior we have witnessed from Communist leaders where political opponents and reporters have been assassinated?

I would like to ask Trump supporters if they feel this is dangerous behavior? We are witnessing unprecedented types of conduct at the highest offices of government.   

Trump Threatens Adam Schiff In Explosive Online Attack https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/maven-user-photos/theintellectualist/news/M2GejhrUxUaVOm2QmqwOPA/sLbHTFva-Em-yL4gCsPrLA

3 thoughts on “Dangerous Behavior ?

  1. You obviously missed my tweets discussing the Trump tweet. It is disgusting and I agree that he sounds like Hitler with his intimidating language. This is the way it starts. We must be vigilant.

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