The Truth About Immigrants

Full disclosure. I hired a very knowledgeable political writer to help me research and debate false claims by the Trump administration. I just couldn’t stand by and do nothing. Today’s issue:

Here’s the truth about Immigrants.

This is what Trump’s really successful at – playing to people’s worst phobias and worst impressions of immigrants.

There is a bogus claim that immigrants are a drain on the US economy, and are takers. Maybe, you should actually check the facts first before believing Trump’s nonsense.

Myth #1: Immigrants take more from the U.S. government than they contribute

Fact: Immigrants contribute more in tax revenue than they take in government benefits

Myth #2: Immigrants take American jobs

Fact: Immigrants workers often take jobs that boost other parts of the economy

Myth #3: The U.S. economy does not need immigrants

Fact: Immigrants are key to offsetting a falling birth rate. If not for immigrants, the U.S. workforce would be shrinking.

Myth #4: It would be better for the economy if immigrants’ children were not citizens

Fact: Children with citizenship are more productive workers.

Googling for the facts can be a bit inconvenient if you want to flesh out Trump’s lies. Don’t worry though, I did it for you.

The facts here:

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