Back To The Future With Polaroid

Here is a scoop. A company in New Jersey that licensed the name Polaroid is about to introduce a new digital camera that also prints pictures. It should sell around $149.00. Yes, it is both a digital and instant print camera.
How weird is that?

I was a little confused when I first heard about this camera. I asked a company executive “Who would want a camera in this day and age that prints photos?”

Apparently there is a sizeable audience who wants printed pictures on-the-spot. Some of them could be music fans who want artists to immediately autograph their photos. Others are birthday party planners who like to post pictures on the walls during events. Another possibility are exercise or sports instructors who use instantaneous photos for coaching purposes.

This dual purpose camera may not
have made sense to me at first but it
does now. It hasn’t been introduced to the world yet. It debuts next week.
I have included a spec sheet below
for a closer look.


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