Interesting Tweets of the Day


I am finally soaking in Twitter for all its worth. I talked about this a few weeks ago but I am really seeing the benefits now. All I have to do is open my Twitter account and start reading.

I follow about 380 people who tell me all that I need to know on a second-by-second basis about politics, current events, business, technology, health, food, theater, fashion, economics, music, pop culture, the arts, city news, publishing, and entertainment.

I am getting news feeds faster, better contacts, and a one-stop news source.
The most interesting part is that I am reading tweets from the people who make the news. No filters, no interpretation, and no waiting.

Here is a sample of what I read today. I bet you didn’t know half this stuff. Click on the links to go to each Twitter feed and follow them yourself!

Bill Gates
Today it’s hard to imagine the steam engine was once “The Most Powerful Idea in the World”. Book review #BillsLetter
2/19/13, 7:31 PM

Walt Mossberg
How you can hire a personal trainer and work out with friends via webcam. @kabster728
2/19/13, 6:24 PM

Best-selling crime writer Patricia Cornwell wins $51 million in lawsuit against her ex-financial management firm:
2/19/13, 6:22 PM

Peter S. Greenberg
American Airlines CEO Tom Horton to receive $20 million severance pkg. Prior to merger, I asked about his next step:…

Shelly Palmer
House of Cards: 10% of Netflix Subscribers Have Streamed It
04:02 PM – 19 Feb

Reuters Top News
Dell revenue falls 11 percent amid attempt to go private $DELL
04:25 PM – 19 Feb

Here’s how the just-announced HTC One stacks up to its major competition:
11:45 AM – 19 Feb

Dick DeBartolo
Readers Digest may go into bankruptcy again. Court papers, taking up almost a complete 3X5 index card, could be filed soon.
11:46 AM – 19 Feb

Amazon fires security company accused of wearing neo-Nazi clothing
09:49 AM – 19 Feb

Seeing double… Woman gives birth to 2 sets of identical twins. Video:
09:57 AM – 19 Feb

Goodsurveys will donate a buck to your favorite cause if you take an online survey (exclusive) by @deantak
10:00 AM – 19 Feb

New York Daily News
Recording titan Clive Davis, twice married, likes guys: I am bisexual, have been involved with men for 20 years
10:01 AM – 19 Feb


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