Hoda Jumps Into Action On Today Show 

Hoda Kotb showed us what reality TV is really all about this past Friday on the Today Show. Not many TV hosts would have been as quick thinking as Hoda when she caught a pregnant model who fainted on air. Hoda knew something wasn’t quite right when the model was walking out in a flowy dress in a segment for stylist Lilliana Vazquez. 
Bravo to Hoda on her first Mother’s Day. She adopted a baby girl a few months ago. Read about the baby here. She certainly demonstrated her compassion for others. Motherly instinct at its best. Watch it here


Posted On Facebook by Barbara Belmont. We both gave birth to our daughters within days of each other. Nine months earlier we were together celebrating Halloween at a costume party Barbara hosted in her West Hartford, CT home. Something was in the air. That’s me on the floor diapering Whitney months after both babies were born. Whitney cried to have her diaper changed every hour. Baby Veronica went for hours without complaining. Barbara jokes now that she withheld liquids from Veronica. That’s why she was so dry.  Phooey, not true. 


From Whitney and Fredrick. 

Interesting Tweets of the Day


I am finally soaking in Twitter for all its worth. I talked about this a few weeks ago but I am really seeing the benefits now. All I have to do is open my Twitter account and start reading.

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