Thumbs Up 


Image: CNET

 Image: Zigmag

Manicurists are going to love this.

Researchers at MIT Media Labs are busy developing a thumbnail-mounted, (U.S. quarter-sized) trackpad which is operated by the index finger on the same hand. It’s called NailO and consists of a battery, capacitive sensors, a microcontroller, a Bluetooth radio chip, and a capacitive-sending chip. 

I’m always looking to amaze you. It’s mind-boggling to think of all this technology packed into such a small space. Many tech publications are writing about the NailO because of its size and capacity.

NailO is user-friendly. You no longer have to be concerned about freeing up your hands to pick up a smartphone or controller. All you will have to do is tap your thumb with your index finger. The command will be sent

The NailO will also be useful when you don’t want to be rude by swiping your smartphone in the company of others. Now you can  subtly tap your thumbnail with your index finger to quickly send a message, 

The MIT researchers are also working on a detachable decorative top membrane to match the user’s outfit. This is a whole new dimension in wearable technology.

Read more about the NailO on and CNET. 

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