I Am The Proud Author Of This Campaign 

I wrote this for Waterpik. The campaign appears on the Waterpik website. I interviewed each dental hygienist over a two week period. I loved this assignment because each dental hygienist was passionate about his or her work and eager to educate. Each conversation lasted one hour. I learned a lot and wanted to share the info with you.

Meet six prominent dental hygienists that reveal the truth behind oral health care
You can find them on the Waterpik® Oral Health Page – https://www.waterpik.com/oral-health/experts.  The dental hygienists are also educators. They speak their minds because they are the ones who focus on preventive care.

Dr. Daniel Hassler, DDS

How to Fight the Gum Disease Epidemic

Dr. Daniel Hassler, dentist and program director at a dental hygiene school on Long Island, NY, describes the benefits of treating gum disease with a water flosser.

Read Interview


The Best Kept Anti-Aging Secret

YALI De La Torre, a certified dental assistant and dental hygienist, explains why it’s so important for people who are 50 plus to take good care of their oral health.

Read Interview

Kim Shuck, BSDH, RDH

The Truth About Pregnancy and Oral Health

Kim Shuck, BSDH, RDH, a healthcare professional and educator, explains how bacteria in the mouth can impact the future health of your child.

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Lisa Schmidt BA, RDH

How to Get an Amazing Smile

Lisa Schmidt, BA, RDH, shares how patients enjoy an amazing smile with braces, through progressive dental practices and water flossing.

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Susan Bartoo RDH, M.Ed

How to Deal with a Busy Life Style

Susan Bartoo, RDH, M.Ed discusses what you can do to prevent oral health problems, even with today’s busy lifestyles.

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Julie Csoke RDH, BS

Go Natural for Better Health

Julie Csoke, RDH, BS, believes in a natural approach to oral health. Learn about the benefits of natural and organic oral care products.

Read Interview

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