Words Of Encouragement For Seniors To Make It Big On The Internet 

Forty-year old Gary Vaynerchuk, one of the most successful entrepreneurs and investors in the digital world, says it’s time for seniors to become big time inventors and creators on the Internet. He wants to get rid of the notion that only millennials can make millions by inventing new concepts using the smartphone and other mobile devices.

I really encourage everyone reading this post to watch this six minute video. It’s the first time, in many years, that I heard any successful younger person say that the work experience of older people can help produce product and services that are truly needed and unique. Bless you Gary.

Gary’s message is not just about seniors who want to work. It’s more about not allowing those over 60 to think old. He feels we are in an ageless society where everyone should be able to contribute their talents forever. 

Let’s hope Gary continues to push his theory in his live speeches, videos, meetups, meetings, seminars, books, and all of his networking activities. 

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