Words Of Encouragement For Seniors To Make It Big On The Internet 

Forty-year old Gary Vaynerchuk, one of the most successful entrepreneurs and investors in the digital world, says it’s time for seniors to become big time inventors and creators on the Internet. He wants to get rid of the notion that only millennials can make millions by inventing new concepts using the smartphone and other mobile devices.

I really encourage everyone reading this post to watch this six minute video. It’s the first time, in many years, that I heard any successful younger person say that the work experience of older people can help produce product and services that are truly needed and unique. Bless you Gary.

Gary’s message is not just about seniors who want to work. It’s more about not allowing those over 60 to think old. He feels we are in an ageless society where everyone should be able to contribute their talents forever. 

Let’s hope Gary continues to push his theory in his live speeches, videos, meetups, meetings, seminars, books, and all of his networking activities. 

One Day This Guy Is Going To Buy The Jets

Some of you know who Gary Vaynerchuk is. If you don’t, let me help your pronounce his last name, Vay*Ner*Chuk. Gary is the ambassador from the digital community who explains to the rest of us how the world is changing because of social media. I urge you all to watch this video so you are prepared for changes that are about to take place. His clients are Oprah, the NFL, and Coca Cola.

Gary starts off by telling his own remarkable story and the choices he made. He then discusses specific cases in social media that should change the way we think and react. Warning: the video is filled with the F word. He usually doesn’t swear so much but maybe he is going through one of these “let me test the waters” stages.

Turn a deaf ear to the curse words and really listen to what he has to say. He will explain why we are living in such a dramatic time yet many people don’t know what to do with it. Don’t be one of those people. Absorb his words. If you fully appreciate what he has to say, you will probably pass this video on to someone else who is in business today or to those who can’t figure out why their kids are not calling them back.

Gary started with nothing not too long ago and his goal is to buy the Jets. There is not a doubt in my mind that he will accomplish his goal. Tell me what you think.


Unless you were hiding under a rock a few weeks ago, you had to have read that Facebook bought a smartphone photo-sharing app called Instagram for $1 billion in cash and stock. It made page one news in The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. Every TV news station covered it. What made the story so remarkable was that Instagram is a two-year-old San Francisco-based company. Yes, just founded two years ago and it was bought for a record breaking sum. That is why the Internet is so sexy and appealing to everyone who understands the dynamics of the digital world. This little baby company came up with the concept of an easy way to snap a photo, chose a filter to transform its look, and then use Instagram to post it on Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr. 

Facebook immediately saw a synergy between its business model and what Instagram was all about. At the end of last year, Facebook reported that 250 million photos a day were being posted on its platform. In its SEC filings, Facebook also noted that its members spend nearly one-fifth of their time browsing other people’s photos. Instagram was a natural and most desired fit. 

Mobile apps like Instagram are aimed at people of all ages, but I personally feel that every parent or grandparent should download the app so you can share more with members of the family and friends everywhere. This is a wonderful and fun way of keeping in touch. Now, get ready for something brand new. Internet forecaster Gary Vaynerchuk is predicting that video sharing is the next big thing. It’s also a natural. Gary is the one who predicted that Facebook would buy Instagram.  Now Gary is saying that YouTube is going to buy Viddy or Socialcam because those apps allow users to shoot or capture a video, edit it, and privately or publicly share it with the world at large. Both apps upload to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Gary is quick to point out that what Instagram did for phone-shot photos, Viddy and Socialcam are going to do for videos. 

Consider yourself well informed after you click on Gary’s video blog called The Next Wave, which appears on The Daily, the first of its kind national news publication built exclusively as an application for touch screens and emerging digital platforms. The Daily is currently available on the iPad, iPhone, and select Verizon Samsung tablets.