A MAD(Cap) Goodbye?

I have only been working virtually (at home) for a few years, but I obviously forgot what it was like to be in an office environment surrounded by co-workers. It all came back to me when I recently saw a video of the closing of MAD magazine’s New York office. The 65-year old humor and satire publication is moving its headquarters to Burbank, CA.

My friend Dick De Bartolo has been writing and providing creative services for the publication close to 40 years. Dick has also been a tech broadcaster for ABC and his own podcast show for many years. He recently posted a video of many of the long-time New York workers at MAD magazine saying goodbye to each other. It gave me a good cry. It reminded me of all the good business friends I’ve had over the years, and how close we all were.

I loved watching Dick and his cohorts. It warmed my heart to see the emotions, the camaraderie, the commitment, the passion, and most of all, the celebration of their many years together. I just wanted to jump in the video and be a part of their group. It must have been so much fun working with them on a humor magazine.

After watching the video 10 times, it suddenly dawned on me that I was possibly duped. This was probably staged because MAD magazine is a humor periodical written by guys who would intentionally create a fun, fake farewell.. Truth or false, I enjoyed it.

Dick, thank you for sharing the memorable farewell video. I will never forget it.

Some of the Facebook posts Dick recently shared.