3-D Printed Musical Instruments

We received an invite to the Jewish Museum Of South Florida for a Sunday brunch. It was so cute. The invite said, “Basel, Lox and Cream Cheese.” That’s pretty clever considering it was Art Basel week in Miami, the largest art fair in the United States.

The museum was exhibiting 3-D printed musical instruments that were first of a kind. 3-D printing is a process provided by specialized computers to create three-dimensional objects.

MONAD Studio, an award-winning architecture firm in Miami, came up with the concept of 3-D instruments because they were interested in producing new kinds of sounds. You can hear them in the above video.

The sounds are pretty primitive. The music sounds much better in an ensemble. I’m sure you will be seeing and hearing more of these types of instruments in the future.

Most of the folks at the brunch never heard of 3-D printing before. This was s great way to introduce them to a state-of the art manufacturing concept. MONAD has a road show of this exhibit around the country. If it arrives in your city, be sure to go. You will be witnessing the future of music in many different forms.