Shady Copy



One of the most popular entertainment publications today has 600,000 readers and costs practically nothing to publish. Say hello to “The Shade Room.” It is entirely published on Instagram by aggregating celebrity videos and photos. Very little staff is needed. 

It was started by a 24-year old gal who only goes by the name Angie. Her team consists of a few writers and a brand manager. Instead using a ton of copy in what used to be called a story, The Shade Room is a screen shot with a short caption. Check out the photos on this post to see what that looks like.

The Shade Room gets all of its information from combing social media sites and researching key words. In the digital age, public figures have such big egos that they are  usually the first post good or bad information about themselves. 

You can tsk, tsk all you want. The Shade Room is flourishing when other entertainment publications are going out of business. We are living in times when social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) is the place where younger people go to for their news. 

Word has it that many more serious publications are going to start publishing news on social media platforms just so they can reach new audiences. The New York Times is one of those publications that sees merit in it. An inside source told me that if the Times posts a news breaking story on Twitter, it will be accompanied by a link that will lead the reader back to the full newspaper. 

You can’t stop progress, all the lack of it. Click here to get a fuller story in the New York Times.