Lose Weight by Sucking the Food Out of You

Pump and Dump

Pump and Dump


I really felt that I was in the twilight zone when I learned that there was an apparatus for treating obesity by extracting food right out of your stomach. I knew that I had to delve further into this right away so that all my readers could be among the first to know about AspireAssist. The do-it-yourself stomach pump was developed by Dean Kamen, the same inventor who created the Segway.

I have included two videos that show you how the tube gets professionally put in your stomach and then how you can suck the food out yourself. Gross? Not really. It all makes sense. I can draw two conclusions right away. One, you will be thin for the rest of your life. Two, you may not live very long. I am not a medical person so I have no idea what I am talking about other than to say be sure to seek medical advice before you dare to think about doing this.

CNET, a tech news site, quoted Kamen who said the procedure is “minimally invasive.” The 20-minute procedure involves being fitted with a removable stomach valve and a tube that leads from the top of the stomach to the valve’s outside port. Users wait a half hour after eating before starting the elimination process. They go to the bathroom and attach the AspireAssist to the port. An estimated third of the meal is drained out through the apparatus into the toilet.

The body reportedly still absorbs the calories it needs to function. Early trials show that patients lost about 45 pounds the first year using AspireAssist. Those who aspirated on a regular basis and adhered to a healthier food plan lost much more.

Don’t rush out to buy this yet. The AspireAssist is available in Europe but it has not been approved for sale in the United States yet.