Cell Phone Battery Myths

Yesterday we talked about what to do if your cell phone was suddenly submerged in water. Many DigiDame fans sent me emails recounting their personal experiences. I have no idea why they were too shy to post them on DigiDame, but I thank them anyway for their feedback.

I also received a lot of funny remarks about Silica Gel Packets. For those of you who asked where to buy them, the answer is simple: Amazon.

Today, I want to share how to treat your cell phone batteries. As luck would have it, Mashable, a lifestyle/tech news site, ran a story about this today. I read it with great interest because I have been given misinformation on this topic over the years.

Here are the facts, once and for all. For more in-depth information click here.

Myth 1: Using off-brand chargers destroys batteries.

The truth: Off-brand chargers, while not optimal, are fine. It’s knockoffs you should avoid. (Knockoffs are brands that look like the popular ones. Off-brands have their own identify).

Myth 2: You shouldn’t use your phone while it charges.

The truth: Use it all you want, as long as you’re not using a sketchy third-party charger.

Myth 3: Charging your phone overnight kills the battery.

The truth: Your phone is smarter than you think. Once it’s fully juiced up, it knows to stop charging. That means the battery isn’t even in use at all.

Myth 4: You don’t need to turn your phone off — ever.

The truth: Your phone may be a machine, but it still needs to take a few breaks. An Apple Genius said that in order to maximize battery life, you should turn off your phone from time to time, especially when you go to bed at night.

Myth 5: Don’t charge your phone until it’s completely dead.

The truth: It’s better to charge your phone every day than to do a “deep charge” from time to time.

I urge you to read the Mashable post. It will provide you with the finer points.