Robots In Your Future

Boston Dynamics is going to change your impression of what robots will be able to do for you. They seem creepy at first, but they will soon become familiar creatures for both home and commercial use.

Watch the videos. These robots will be on sale next year. Boston Dynamics is a spin-off of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. They developed the first robots that can run and maneuver like animals.

Mother’s Day

Lunch at the Print Hotel and the RBG documentary after. Q and A with the movie director after. A perfect day orchestrated by Whitney and Fredrick. Photos by Steve.

Godmother Bonnie between the redheads

Eliot, Fredrick and Steve

What a beautiful day!

A Sneak Peek At The Next Type Of Robot 

The world of robots just keep getting more diversified. If you are concerned that robots will totally replace people, now you can start worrying about pets. 

Marc Raibert, CEO Boston Dynamics, a Google company, just showed a group in Europe, SpotMini, a four-legged robot that resembles a small dog.  It can perform tasks like opening heavy doors and climbing stairs to deliver packages to the front door of a home.

Boston Dynamics was acquired by Google in  2013 for $500 million. 

MIT Technology Review, recently quoted Rainer, saying, “Many people are talking about drone delivery. So why not just plain legged robots?” 

Weighing 55-pounds, the dog can trot, move sideways, and perform delivery functions at various speeds. SpotMini is presently controlled remotely. The future calls for total automation.

SpotMini may soon be delivering your groceries, dry cleaning, and flowers. Instead of  tips in cash, you may need to start providing treats.

Robots Test For Chemical Agents

The constant threats from North Korea to nuke the United States is giving many baby boomers a very uneasy feeling. That’s why it is always so important for the United States never to let its guard down. We can’t let 9/11 happen again.

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