Rodham and Bacharach

One of the smartest moves I have ever made was to subscribe, and listen, to Mitchell Kaplan’s podcasts. His interviews with daring authors has opened up a whole new world for me without ever leaving my condo.

Today I was thrilled to read in Variety that an author Mitchell Kaplan featured June 26th, is going to have her book made into a movie on Hulu. I don’t know about you, but I feel like I’m part of the in crowd learning all about her weeks ago. This is a very clever book. Author Curtis Sittenfeld provides an alternative life for Hillary as if she never married Bill Clinton. The story will surprise you. The Variety article also includes a Zoom interview that actress/comedian Amy Schumer conducted with Hillary.

Listen to Curtis Sittenfeld describe why she decided to write about Hillary Clinton. It’s all on The Literary Life with Mitchell Kaplan on Apple Podcasts.

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