Dean Morton Of Cathedral Of St. John The Divine Was A Close Friend

I worked very closely with Dean Morton for over 10 years. Our client, the late Len Marks, one of best entertainment litigators (clients: Paul Mc Cartney, Billy Joel, Elton John) and Jim worked on interfaith religious programs together. I handled all the PR, and yes, I was on a first name basis with all the celebs, as well as Richard Gere who attended a lot of the meetings we had with the Dalai Lama.

Those were the best days of my PR career. A 14 year stretch. Rest in Peace Jim. You and Len were two of the most progressive human beings ever.

James Parks Morton, Dean Who Brought a Cathedral to Life, Dies at 89


If you want to find out how CES reacted to her speaking at this convention, Google it.

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