The Flying Hoverboard 

Just when you were ready to eliminate hoverboards as a product that you may try in your future because of all of the explosions, along comes the “ArcaBoard.” The new product is a fan-powered rectangle that can lift a person off the ground by almost a foot. It’s a six minute flying machine. 

I have to admit that it would be pretty awesome to be able to fly. I doubt I would try it, but many of my friends would.

The ArcaBoard gets its power — 430 pounds of thrust, or 272 horsepower from 36 electric fans. Watch the video that company provided. 

Dumitru Propescu, ArcaSpace’s CEO, is the one riding the hoverboard in the video. “For the first time, every person will be able to fly anytime, anywhere. The world, your world, will change forever.”

At a  $19,900 price tag for the flying hoverboard, there better not be too many of these in the air. No traffic jams please. Arcaspace has no idea when the product will be introduced in the retail marketplace. 

If you want more information about this product, click here. The Verge, the tech site, really spells it out.