Just To Be Clear, You Can Watch Your TV Programs On Other Screens

The future is here now so take advantage of it. Many of the network and cable channels are providing apps (some you have to pay for) on your iPad, iPhone, and Android so you can stream your favorite programs on-the-go and watch them from remote locations. All you need is a wi-fi connection. You don’t know how liberating it is until you have tried it.

Planning outside activities around our TV schedule has always been a challenge for us. We just get a lot of enjoyment from many of the TV programs we watch. Call us couch potatoes, Ma and Pa Kettle, anti-social, and non-sophisticates, we don’t care. The truth is we enjoy a lot of sports, HGTV House Hunters/International, Discovery, Bravo, and networking programs better than a $100 a person meal. Our DVR is maxed out.

If a certain network or TV show is not available on an app now, I guarantee it will be shortly. In order for you to better understand what is going on, ESPN just did an instructional video (very short) on how to watch ESPN on the web. I really recommend that you watch it so you will understand how to secure your other channels.

ESPN is a class act when it comes to doing it right.