Fiber Art Is Catching On

A number of years ago, someone made a public statement at a seminar that Miami wasn’t a serious art town. I was really upset when I heard that. I was never more aware of all different types of art until we established a second home in Miami over 20 years ago. 

Yes, we frequented galleries and museums in NYC all of our long lives, but living outside of the Big Apple gave us the opportunity get closer to the artist themselves, the curators for museums and galleries, and big name collectors from Europe and South America.

Yesterday, we experienced a fiber art exhibit at the Miami International Airport. The photos don’t do it justice. It was created by Evelyn Politzer,, who was born in Uruguay (where the number of sheep exceeded the number of inhabitants) and attended law school. After becoming a lawyer, she decided to satisfy her creative side and then went on to get a degree from Parsons School Of Design. 

Lucky me. She now lives and works in Miami. I will definitely make it my business to meet her