Town Hall 

Facebook has a new feature that just may entice you to become a member of the social media platform.

Facebook has started a Town Hall section which allows you to have easy access to your local, state and federal government representatives. With just a click of a button, you will be able to call or email them. No more hassles trying to find and communicate with local politicians. 

These days, reaching out to your local reps is of ultra importance.  Many of you want your voices heard. This is a super, easy way to do it.

Facebook also encourages you to follow your local reps. If you do, their posts will automatically appear in your news feeds. You will be able to comment on their posts and share the information with your family and friends.

Additionally, Town Hall will also send you Election Reminders for local elections. Facebook wants to be your one-stop political resource. 

Take advantage of it. You are living in the digital age.