I’ve Become A Bird Watcher

And so can you. When we went to the Galapagos in 2018, I watched a group from California, who were traveling with us, jump up and down when they spotted rare birds. I thought they were nuts. I have to admit, I enjoyed watching them get so excited.

Being a city kid, I never thought I would be interested in what flew by me when I walked down the street, or sat on a park bench. Somehow, somewhere, I read about the app “Picture Bird.” All you have to do is take a picture of a bird and post it on the app. Less than two seconds later, a full description of what you just saw appears on your screen.

I’m not saying I’m a full time bird watcher, but you can be sure I’m taking photos of most of the birds I see with my iPhone. I’m learning a lot, and all of a sudden, I am aware of these flying objects. I’m so sorry I ignored them for so long.

Eliot took the photos of the birds below when we were in the Galapagos in 2018.

Last Night’s Miami Sunset. Photo by Eliot Hess.

Last Sunday our girlfriend Katerina Cozias, along with her boyfriend Aristotle, climbed all the way to the top of Mount Bierstadt, 14,000 feet up. That’s the hikers way of quarantining. Congratulations!!!

Should The Galapagos Be On Your Bucket List?

Many family and friends have asked me just how fabulous the Galapagos is, and is it worth the trip? I’m going to “yes” right off the bat because anytime you can see wildlife in their natural habitat, it’s a treat. This is probably truer for a gal who grew up in a city atmosphere than those who were raised in rural areas.

The natural beauty of the unspoiled islands make you realize what this Earth is all about and what we are doing to mistreat it. The Galapagos naturalists make you wonder why while some of us devote ourselves to the land, and the rest of us are not even aware of what makes the Earth tick.

The following photos, taken by Eliot Hess, give you a sense of the beauty that awaits you.This set of photos were taken on Española, the southernmost of the Galápagos Islands. It’s also one of the oldest. Geologists day it’s about four million years old.

A Facebook Gift

This video was created by Facebook about my trip to the Galapagos. I opened my Facebook account today and there it was. Interesting to note, some of these photos were never posted on Facebook. They were taken from my camera roll on my iPhone. Watch out what you store on your phone. Facebook can grab them.

Photos on your camera roll are stored by city, and by date. It’s not that difficult for a software program to capture a group of photos that are related to each other. The video did have one mistake and I was able to eliminate the photo from another story.

I’m pretty proud that I was able to take the video off of Facebook and post it here. That was something I couldn’t do before. All I had to do was save the video to my camera roll, then turn it into a YouTube video on my channel, and then post it here. It was so simple.