Good Night



I feel like everyone is obsessed with the hours they sleep each night. It’s been one of the most frequent topics of discussion amongst my friends.

I vowed never to allow myself to count how many hours I sleep. I hate when I hear people announcing how many hours they slept the night before. Why are they counting? The pressure to sleep is only going to cause more anxiety,

I have something for everyone who is concerned about their sleep patterns. It’s called Hello Sense for $99.00.

Hello Sense is made up of three parts: a spherical alarm that sits on your nightstand, a disc-shaped movement-tracker that you stick to your pillowcase, and an app for both Android and iOS devices.

Hello Sense includes a pillow clip-on dubbed the “Sleep Pill” and a bedside Sense device. ”

The pill tracks and sends your movement information to the Sense. It also measures light, sound, temperature and allergen particle information with its built-in sensors. With WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities, the product communicates with mobile devices and the Web giving reports and a zero to 100 sleep score that judges how well a user slept during the night.”

Hello Sense has the ability to monitor movement sensitivity that can take into account when someone is tossing and turning and how that’s associated with the room environment. Sense can also track a person’s sleep cycle, and with its smart alarm, wake up a person near a target time when are they not in deep sleep.”

Home Sense will be available this winter. They joined Kickstarter recently to raise additional money for incidentals.

They didn’t want to lose sleep over money woes.