The Real Larry David

Can you guess which one is Larry David?

My girl friend Marilyn’s brother, Charles, went to the University of Maryland with Larry. They belonged to the same fraternity, TEP, along with their friend Ben. Marilyn showed me this picture tonight at dinner. 

Second row, left to right: Charles, Ben and Larry. 

Eliot, Marilyn, Marilyn’s cousin Camille, and me. 

Now for today’s feature. 

Samsung’s Dream Dog House 

Samsung was a sponsor of the world’s largest dog show in the UK recently. Being an innovation leader, they designed “the dog kennel of the future.” The two-room doghouse features a treadmill with fake grass, a hydrotherapy pool, and an automatic feed dispenser. 

The Other Larry David

I was listening to an interview with Larry David on Audible (the February issue of Vanity Fair) at the airport in Costa Rica on Sunday afternoon, when I spotted his evil twin. If you think Larry David is self-absorbed, then think again. He has a double that I wanted to slap silly after my plane ride home with him while he was prancing around continuously through the single aisle.

I first spotted the Larry David twin LDT, sashaying around our gate as if he was a runway model. He was looking for something but it was never clear what it was. Then he was on line right in front of me as we boarded the plane. In typical Larry David style, LDT started complaining out loud about how long and slow the line was to get on board. 

Then, surprise, surprise, LDT thinks he was on his own private plane. He stops at row 8, blocks the aisle and so no one can get by, and then proceeds to take his sweet time storing his carry-on in the overheard. After he finally gets his luggage in place, he removes it again to look for his earphones and snacks. Two minutes go by and I finally tell him he is holding up the line. He gives me a dirty look. The line behind me is out the door.

The flight attendant is asking everyone to move quickly on the public address system but he is in his own world. He could care less. He continues to rummage though his stuff which is directly above my seat. I finally sneak under him and maneuver into my chair.  Eventually he takes his seat two rows ahead of me. As we are taxiing, he gets up again to grab something out of the overhead above me. I can’t believe this dude is standing next to me during this crucial period.

Other passengers yell out that he should sit down so he walks away leaving the overhead above me open. The guy behind quickly stands up to close it. He saved me from having everything fall on my head during takeoff. LDT got up three more times during the flight to retrieve objects from the overhead. He also made about five trips to the bathroom in the first class section. 

The flight attendants kept asking him to use the bathrooms in the rear but he paid no attention to them. Then he decided to move his overhead stuff on top of my seat,  to over his, because it would be more convenient for him when we exited. He arbitrarily moved other people’s belongings around to make way for his. No one said a word. He just took over. 

LDT just couldn’t sit still. He was out of his seat more than he was in it. When we finally landed, he climbed over others to get off faster. I saw him again at the luggage carousel. He was the first one to get his luggage. He grabbed his bags and sprinted out of there. I was tempted to go to Tom’s Restaurant on the upper west side later that day to see if that character was hanging out there. Then I realized I landed in Miami.


Keep Your Pantries Full

If you walk around CES enough, you will find innovative products that no one has ever seen or heard of before. This one is a gem.

The following product was created in Rome by Uriel Perugia. He is working two jobs to get this off the ground. He was at CES because he was looking for funding. I emailed him earlier today to see if he received any interest.

SmartQsine is a monitoring system that alerts you when your groceries need to be replaced. The patented system is a pad and a companion smartphone/tablet application. The first time you use the multiple pads, you need to place the items you want to monitored on them.

It then sets its current level. From that moment on, the pad is talking to your smartphone. It will exchange information about the quantity of product placed on it. The smartphone will give you alerts when it’s time to restock.

Watch the video above. Do you think this is s useful product?

Dark Meat

I love dark meat Turkey. So does Larry David. I found this out because Kara Swisher of shared the video below with her readers. It’s pretty funny, especially if you come from Brooklyn.

I want to dedicate this blog post to Elliott Lampert, my friend in Miami, who had to spend Thanksgiving in the hospital. You will be out soon. Get some good rest. Thank you Mindi for keeping us informed. I finally see the virtue of texting.

Quite a Turkey Day.