No Longer A Dirty Little Secret


I love to do laundry. I was 35 when I finally got my own washer and dryer but that was only for a part-time second home. My main New York residence, the same one for 38 years, never had a washer or dryer. We had to wash our clothes in the basement laundry room or send it out to a laundry service. We opted for the service.

That may be why I missed the memo on the Laundry Ball, a non-detergent gadget that consist of beads which reportedly “changes the pH balance of the water, neutralize chlorine and kills bacteria and odors.” For those of you who need a little more interpretation, that means It saves water use and energy. That is good for the environment.

The Laundry Ball only costs 13 cents a load compared to the average 45 cents most people spend on detergent. That means the whole year, or 365 loads, only costs $45 as compared to the average detergent use at anywhere from $120-$378 a year.

I just can’t imagine one little ball being used for 365 loads of laundry. I can’t wait to try it. If it works, that means I will not be shopping for detergent every month or so. A whole year’s supply will be in one small container.

That alone is exciting.

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