Hands-Free Walking Navigation

Here’s a shout out to Jennifer Zorek Pressman. It’s presently 12:41 Friday morning. I’m sitting on my couch watching a TV movie and writing this blog post.

Just a few seconds ago I received an email from Jennifer, who lives in Westport, CT, suggesting I write about Lechal smart footwear for today. I quickly write back that I was just about to do that.

I know this is special because Jennifer is astute about smart technology. She is one of those early adopters. I can see her now wearing the new Lechal smart footwear that are just being introduced. They are insoles that connect with your smartphone

They help you navigate your walking routines without having to hold a device. Jennifer has great paths in Connecticut that will probably be her Lechal workout walks.

I will use Lechal when I travel, especially if I’m unfamiliar with the neighborhoods. Lechal works with Google Maps and other mapping and navigation apps.

Lechal was developed by an Indian startup called Ducere Technologies. The Bluetooth-enabled footwear buzzes your left or right foot depending on which way you need to go to reach your destination. I have no idea what that feels like but I’m willing to give it a try.

Lechal footwear will be available in red or black. Retail price should be between $100 and $150. .

To get a better idea how Lechal works, watch the above video.