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Susie and Anders drove from Palm Beach down to Miami to take Eliot and I out of isolation. We rarely go out. We know this dynamic duo for over 20 years. They are royalty in the special events business. They are now reinventing digital marketing and social events. We always get together to brainstorm new ideas.

The pandemic has definitely slowed down meeting new business contacts and new friends. Everyone is looking for innovative ways to network. A well known tech consultant just developed a new method. I thought I would share it with you. I signed up for four days a week, for 20 minutes each. This should be interesting.


I miss meeting new people! I miss bumping into people I know! So, necessity being the mother of invention, we’ve been experimenting with different ways to gather our community… and we have a plan!

Pick a topic. Pick a day. Join a Shelly Palmer Online Networking Salon for 20 minutes.

You’ll introduce yourself, meet some new people, bump into old friends, learn something, hang out for a bit, and then get back to work.

Request credentials and we’ll put you in the right room with the right people. This is going to be super fun!!! -s

Shelly Palmer Online Networking Salons

Weekdays from 11:05 a.m. to 11:25 a.m. EST on Zoom

Request your credentials:

• Monday – Education Tech

• Tuesday – AI & Machine Learning

• Wednesday – Health & Wellness Tech

• Thursday – Media & Entertainment Tech

43 years ago HWH PR was incorporated. This is one of our early Xmas cards. Thank you Linda Recupero for sending this to me. She is on a call on the bottom of the card. Hello Donna Austi Tobi Herman Pasterick Lisa Georgianna Gilbert.


I never credited the above video to girl friend Mindi Lampert. She was the one who introduced me to it. She deserves the recognition for making so many of us laugh. Thank you Mindi.

Take A Break From Your Marriage


Now that I have your attention with my somewhat shocking headline, I want to tell you about a website under development that is going to address your secret desires. By secret desires, I mean something you used to do a lot of but no longer can because your other half has no interest in it. That could mean tennis, golf, sailing, bowling, ballroom dancing, skiing, whatever. I know many married people who abandoned a passion because his or her spouse (or significant other) just has no interest in that particular activity.

The new site is going to network people (married or single) who want to find others to share their interests. For example, if you love to play tennis, you will be able to find a partner near you. If you want to see a certain play but don’t want to go alone, the website will help you find a companion for the evening. Don’t want to dine alone? This site will produce lots of people to join you and split the check.

When I first learned about this site, I thought that this was a playground to break up a lot of marriages. Someone also warned me that this was a cover for an escort service. Others said this reminded them of parties decades ago where married couples threw their house keys into the center of the room and went home with the person who owned the key they selected. Yuck !

The male investors who came up with the networking site approached me about handling the PR. At first, I thought they were joking. They are dead serious. They are targeting folks who are 40 plus. They expect to have lots of activity from those in their 50s and 60s.

The founders claim this site is not about philandering. It’s more about finding your inner self again. They believe it will build stronger marriages because people will feel more fulfilled and have an outlet for their hobbies and interests.

We are having a meeting in a few weeks to discuss the business model. I have to check out the legalities.

How legit do you think this is?



There’s a whole new phenomenon going on in office space that most people over 50 are clueless about.  It’s called “coworking”  and if you Google It, you will see that many cities around the United States offer these types of work environments and related services. These offices are not the fancy executive suites like the ones Regus offers, with beautiful wood paneled walls, large professional multi-media conference rooms, a main reception area and a dining area. 

We are talking membership fees of $30-a day (unannounced), or a $300-a-month to be a part of a no frills community of independents (most of them in their 20’s and 30’s) that just don’t want to work from a home office or Starbucks.  They would rather be in a large room with a bunch of strangers, network, make friends, trade war stories and get their work done.   It reminds me of a college study hall, rows of tables and chairs filled with young folks who BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer). 

One such well-respected and very well known place is New Work City, in New York. Don’t you just love that name?  NWC states it the best, “We are building a new kind of workforce together.” Tony Bacigalupo and Peter Chislett are the co-creators. I spoke with Peter yesterday who told me there are a few older people who cowork at NWC. I dared to ask how old.  “I would guess they are in their 40s because they have children in college,” he replied.  I gasped and then laughed out loud. “Peter, I am in my 60s. Someone in their 40s is rather young to me.”   

The whole premise of NWC and others like it, is that you work with a community of people who support you. If you have a tech question, or give advice on your business model. You might opt to participate in gatherings by and for the members or even make yourself available for happy hours and movie nights, they are there for you.. 

Peter explained that this concept isn’t new but there are definitely more and more people who prefer to work where, when and how they want.  I also asked about the noise level. Is there a quiet room? “People don’t come here for quiet. They can get that at home. People love the stimulation of the noise.  We even have a few who picked this environment to write their books. No silence for them. This is all about being among awesome creative and brilliant people.” 

At that moment I cried a little inside.  Why weren’t there places like this when I was starting out?  I want to work in a social club. I wonder how many people have met within the walls of NWC, gotten married, had babies or even formed companies?  I will find out the next time I talk to Peter. There is so much more to this story. 

Here is a video that Tony made when he first started NWC. Be sure to watch it. It will take you inside the life of independent thinkers.