Somewhere Over The Photo

A few years ago, when I saw the price of a birthday greeting card, I thought to myself, “Why am I spending $5.00 when my friend will look at the card for a half a second and toss it in the trash?” Admit it! You do the same thing. Okay, you display your cards for a few days and then it gets thrown out. I bet you never read it a second time. The price of cards are just getting too expensive. I would rather buy a bagel with a schmear even though I don’t need that either.

Another option is electronic greeting cards, which I really don’t like either. When I want to send one, it is so complicated that by the time I fill out all of their questions I’ve really lost interest. I close down and move on. I am also not that crazy about receiving electronic cards. You have to download the card, sometimes give them your email address and go through other hassles. Not for me. The problem with all this is that I do love sending cards and letting people know we are thinking of them. I think I found a great solution.

There is a new app strangely called “Over.” It lets you take your photos or their photos and write a caption right on the image. You can use this as a greeting card for any occasion. Simply choose your photo, touch the screen to add a personalized message, and then choose to share them on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, or email. With more than 200 fonts and styles, “Over” makes it easy to turn photos into holiday cards. You can resize the photo or enlarge the caption to make it fit any situation.

The app costs $1.00. Just a dollar forever. Just think of all the trees you are saving. The whole process takes a few seconds. It is like one-stop shopping. Everything you need is on one page. No searching, waiting, or nerve racking options.

“Over” is going to become your favorite app. You are not going to be able to resist taking every photo you have and writing a comment on it.

Here is some of my handiwork.