A Place Where No One Knows Your Name


Photo by Trialx.org.
I love (not really) people who tell me a secret and then threaten that if I tell anyone else they will never talk to me again. First of all, I didn’t want to know the secret. Secondly, why did they feel the need to tell me something that was supposed to be a secret?

Apparently, there is a sub-culture of people who have taken to the Internet to share information that was supposed to be confidential. I’m not sure why people need to share secrets so I asked a psychiatrist friend to explain it to me. She said that when some people gossip it makes them feel special. The fact that they knew the information before others gives them a superior feeling.

For all those who love to gossip but who don’t want get caught, there are apps called Secret and Whisper. They let users anonymously spill their guts and get feedback from those who read the comments. Both apps also feature a private message service so two folks can have a side conversation without revealing their identities. Some people like sharing information without being personally judged.

One of the reasons why I wrote about these two apps today is because they may be great platforms for older people who like to reflect. Not everyone has to be gossipers. They just need a place to air, share, and not get caught.