Sheryl Schultz Schlackman

Congratulations to Sheryl Schultz Schlackman, the first HWH PR employee. Sheryl is profiled in the recent issue of Fortune magazine as a major financial force in the tech industry. The article profiles the challenges of business women over 50. Sheryl beat the system. She is simply amazing, always was.

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Image: Fortune Magazine 

Sheryl is on the right. She walked into our 500 square foot offices at 16 East 52nd 40 years ago. She was recommended by Monroe Schulder and Victor Richenstein of Webcor Electronics. Her mother, Claire Rubloff, worked for them. 

Sheryl was a mini me for a number of years. Then she got married, moved away, and started her own tech PR agency outside of New York. It turns out that Sheryl had a head for finance as well as PR. 

She took a percentage of some of her most promising clients and hit the big time. Sheryl then reinvented herself into an angel investor. She is one of the most respected women in the tech financial business. She took me to one of her female investment groups, Golden Seeds, about 10 years ago. 

I felt like I walked into a different world, certainly nothing I was used to. It was like being in a female Shark Tank. In fact, Barbara Corcoran sat right across from me. Female led businesses pitched female angel investors. I loved it.

I was in awe. Watching Sheryl in action was no surprise. She is a self-made success story.