Snapchat Spectacles Used For Surgerical Tutorial 

Warning: The above video could cause you to faint or vomit. If you don’t like the sight of blood, don’t open the video.

I squinted my way through it. I watched because I didn’t want to miss the first time a surgeon used a pair of Snapchat’s Spectacles to record his procedure.

As a reminder, Snapchat’s Spectacles are sunglasses fitted with a camera that records 10-second clips that are uploaded to personal Snapchat accounts.

Dr. Shafi Ahmed, a hernia repair surgeon at the London Independent Hospital, used his Snapchat account to share a series of video clips that formed a tutorial for medical students.

Dr. Ahmed, said, “It’s about using the tools we have, from smartphones to Facebook, to push the boundaries and reach more people than ever before. The Snapchat platform is really interesting because it mimics who we are. We see things, we forget about them. Some goes into our long-term memory, but most of it, 95% of it, is all short-term.”

Approximately, 150 to 200 medical students watched the tutorial in real time, others joined in within the 24-hour limit. 

To learn more about Dr. Ahmed’s operation, read Time Magazine’s coverage of the entire event.