The Next Step In Dentistry

TelScope Oral Telehealth System

The Covid Virus has forced the entire medical industry to re-think routine office visits. Medical instruments are being invented today that will allow for remote examinations. It’s called TeleMedicine. It’s all about trying to keep patients safe, healthy and in their homes.

One remarkable new device that is being developed is the TelScope Oral Telehealth System. This product, along with a companion app, allows dentists to remotely look inside the patient’s mouth and take pictures for evaluation.

The TelScope features a light and clear tongue depressor that makes it easier to see. The device connects to your phone and takes photos and videos remotely.

The app also measures teeth, lesions, bumps and anything else inside the mouth.

The above video shows exactly how the TelScope is used and also features an interview with the founder, Jennifer Holland of Holland Heathcare Inc

The TelScope sells for $126 and includes 1 TelScope handle, 1 box of 50 recyclable tongue depressor blades, and 1 year free on the app.