Facebook Connected the Dots

It all started with an NBC TV news segment last night. We learned that “The Salty Paw,” a pet store in the South Street Seaport, was having its grand reopening today after the Hurricane Sandy disaster. We were elated. We decided to be a part of the celebration.

While the store was closed, store owner Amanda Zink used social media sites Facebook and Twitter to stay in touch with her customers. She felt it was important to reassure everyone that she would reopen.

Eleven months ago, the pet store was filled with 11 feet of water as Hurricane Sandy surged through the neighborhood. She watched as her dog collars and cat food cans floated out the door.

She has spent most of her time since then on the Internet. She thinks she picked up even more clients through her social networking efforts. Amanda hopes to stay in business for a long time to come.

Amanda Zink

After we wished Amanda well, we made our way over to Dumbo in Brooklyn for an art festival. Here are some photos of the day.