Will the Coronavirus Kill The Airlines, Hotels, and the Cruise Industries?


Lying on the Beach’s Steve Greenberg and Lois Whitman-Hess hit it big by securing an interview with the most knowledgeable expert in the travel industry to detail what is going to happen next as the Coronavirus pandemic progresses.


Peter Greenberg is a multiple Emmy award-winning investigative reporter and producer, Peter Greenberg.  Peter is Steve’s brother from another mother (not really)— and he is America’s most recognized and honored travel news journalist. Known in the travel industry as “The Travel Detective,” Peter is the Travel Editor for CBS News, appearing routinely on CBS This Morning.


The consummate insider on reporting the travel business as news, Peter Greenberg hosts the PBS television show The Travel Detective with Peter Greenberg.


Listen to the podcast here – http://www.lyingonthebeach.com/2020/03/19/petergreenberg/


Our First Time In The JFK Flagship Lounge—Private Dining Room

I’m sitting in the Flagship Lounge at American Airlines, JFK, thinking whether our flight to London, then onto Berlin, will have WiFi. I only had the privilege of having WiFi once when we crossed the ocean. It never happened again.

Coincidentally, I just read a story from the best known writer in the travel business, Peter Greenberg, (yes, we know each other, even though I haven’t seen him in years) that tells you which airlines offer free WiFi.

I thought you should have this information. Peter is known as the Travel Detective. If you travel often, you should follow him on all social media platforms.

Click to learn more about free WiFi on your next flight.


Eliot bought us first class tickets to Berlin. Somehow, he skipped over business class. He claims he doesn’t know how it happened.

When we arrived at the lounge, they escorted us to a private dining room. We just followed instructions and didn’t offer up info that we would have been happy with a bag of peanuts and a coke.

We just completed a delicious dinner that was paired with the best wines. My nerves are calmed a bit, but I will still be questioning every bump once we take off.

Here is what we just ate. Keto perfect.

We are traveling super first class. We have an escort who is picking us up at the lounge and driving us to the gate. The flights cost more than our budget tour through Germany. I do have my priorities.