Never Thought The Weather Channel Would Be So Shady

Everyone who owns a smartphone probably has the Weather Channel app installed on the first few pages of their screen. I personally refer to it several times a day because I’m always interested in the weather in New York, Los Angeles, Paris and London. I have family and friends in those locations, so I’m curious if they are experiencing hot or cold weather.

The weather is so unpredictable. Guess what? So is the weather channel app. We just found out that the app, owned by IBM, has been secretly tracking our every step and then selling the information to third party sources for profit.

The app has been downloaded 100 million times. That means others now have information on all of us that we don’t necessarily want anyone to know about.

Most of us have been tricked into turning on the locator option that tracks our every move. People who you never met know how many times you have gone to the hair salon, bank, psychiatrist, gym and other places you wanted to keep confidential.

Find out what some users are doing to combat this. Look at the video.You may want to join forces with them.