Tooth Sensor Monitors Food

As we get older, we may be required to tell one of our doctors exactly what we ate for the day. If this is going to determine something detrimental to my health, I want the information to be completely accurate.

Technology is going to save the day.

The scientists at Tufts University have developed a new type of sensor that fits right on your tooth so it can measure and transmit readings about glucose, salt and alcohol intake. It’s very tiny, only 2 millimeters.

The device features an unpowered chemical sensor combined with RFID (radiofrequency ID) technology. The readings come from RF waves and the device measures the nature of the returning signal.

Tufts gives a bit of a complicated explanation, “The sensor consists of a material that absorbs the compounds to be measured, fattening in the process, and two square gold rings on the outside. As an analyte is absorbed, the gold rings move apart and the returning radio waves that bounce off of the device change accordingly.”

Tufts is hoping to get the device to attach to the skin. It could be useful in measuring chemical composition of sweat, body temperature, and other parameters.